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You Can Do A Pregnancy Test From The Comfort Of Your Home Using These 3 Methods



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Being pregnant is such a magical and blissful experience that every woman expects to experience at some point.

While it is a must that you take medical tests to confirm your pregnancy, there are some techniques that you can carry out at home before even going to the doctor.

All the pregnancy tests mentioned below can be done at home with the household resources which would not cost you extra.

Also, the following tests are only the steps to back up your hunch before you visit a hospital.

Home Pregnancy Kits

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This is the step that you need to take if you want to be sure that you are pregnant or not, while being in the comforts of your home. These pregnancy kits can be bought in any local drugstore.


Although there are different brands of pregnancy kits in the market, the procedure is the same for all of them. You urinate to one side of the stick and after some minutes if there is a pink sign on the stick, you are pregnant and if the sign turns blue, you need to wait another month for the good news.

Collected Urine Test

This is one of the easiest pregnancy test that you can carry out at home when you are in a dilemma about your pregnancy. This test only uses your urine and you can find out the about your pregnancy by just looking at it.


  • Take a vessel and fill it with your urine, preferably the first in your day.
  • Leave it for 3-4 hours to rest.
  • If you see a thin white film forming on the surface of the urine, it is the sign that you are pregnant.

Sugar Test

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Another easy and quick home pregnancy test can be done using sugar and urine.


  • Take a spoon full of sugar in a bowl and add same amount of first urine in the day into it.
  • After waiting for five minutes or more, if you find that sugar is all dissolved in the urine, chances are you are not pregnant.
  • But if the sugar remains clumped in the bowl, it indicates that you might be pregnant.

Vinegar pregnancy test

White vinegar is perhaps the cheapest ingredient to use for a homemade pregnancy test, if cost is a major consideration for you.


  • Add morning urine to a cup of white vinegar
  • Wait for a color change as a positive indicator of pregnancy.
  • If the resulting color of this solution is bright green, chances are you are pregnant.
  • If the color tends to become yellow or orange, the sign is negative for pregnancy.
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