A Chicago woman was charged last week after she allegedly filmed her unconscious friend being sexually assaulted — and then broadcast the attack on social media.  Beth Rae Harris, 36, is accused of posting videos and photographs of a 23-year-old female friend who had passed out after drinking at a party Aug. 24.

Harris and the victim got into a heated argument over a “mutual male acquaintance” while they were at a party together, before they left to attend another event, and eventually returned to Harris’s apartment.  The friend had been drinking heavily during the night, and she fell asleep shortly after getting to Harris’ home.  After returning to the apartment, Harris allowed at least one or potentially several men to sexually assault the victim while she slept.

Related imageIn one of the videos “the victim lay naked as an unidentified man grabbed her buttocks and exposed her vagina to the camera,” and “Harris allegedly can be heard narrating the assault on the video, at one point warning the man not to wake the victim,” according to the Sun-Times.  The woman reportedly woke up the following morning completely naked and sore, and, before she left the apartment, Harris told her a man had had sex with her while she was passed out.  The victim realized after she returned home Harris had posted a number of images from the incident on the victim’s own Snapchat account.  Videos and images were seen by multiple users.  Harris was arrested after she was identified by a friend of the victim who saw one of the videos.  Harris’ public defender said the accused has three children and works as a masseuse and model while studying at beauty school.  Her bail was set at $150,000.