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Will Khia Sue TS Madison?

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Last month rapper Khia hinted she was considering suing TS Madison for trademarking The Queen’s Court behind her back.  TS Madison is ready for it.  This week on Instagram Live from Australia Maddie insisted she never stole anything from Khia, pointing out how Khia left and that you can’t steal something that was voluntarily left behind.  Maddie explained..

“If it comes down to being litigious, I’m ready because nothing was taken. The person left. I didn’t take anything. They left! I still have a responsibility to the sponsors who already paid.” 

Maddie also told her fans when The Queen’s Court reconvenes on March 19, 2018 there will be a new format. No more roasts and gags, just satirical comedy and invited fans to watch Khia’s Gag Order if they wanted to see celebrity gets dogged out and dragged every week.

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