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Why June 12 Is Superior To May 29 As Democracy Day



June 12 is more symbolic than May 29.

There is another day like May 29 which is October 21 and they are both handing over dates.

On October 21,1979,the military handed over to a civilian,Shagari.
On May 29,1999,the military handed over to a civilian,Obasanjo.

So what is the big deal about May 29?

But there is no other day like June 12.The day Nigerians shun all religious and ethnic sentiments to vote for a Muslim-Muslim ticket for the presidency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 12 symbolizes Nigeria’s unity of purpose for the common goal!

The annulment of such an election coupled with the arrest,imprisonment and subsequent death of the acclaimed winner,are not events that can be forgotten!

There is no May 29,without the annulment of June 12.

June 12 gave birth to May 29!

How many countries declare handover dates as public holidays??

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