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Why I Can’t Leave Nigeria Despite Hardship – Victor Osuagwu



Actor, Victor Osuagwu, who celebrated his birthday recently, believes that a lot of things are wrong in Nigeria and he is worried. But, according to him, relocating to another country like some of his colleagues have done is not an option.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, Osuagwu said leaving Nigeria due to bad governance and hardship would only make him a coward.

He stated, “Though I travel to other countries for pleasure and business, I have never thought of leaving Nigeria (for good) despite the hardship one faces every day. If I run because of the hardship in the country, I am not helping the situation. If I leave Nigeria now, I will come back someday and the same problem might still be there. I know people who have left the country and I am not sure things are better for them abroad.”
The comic actor also lamented that most Nigerians were living in aloofness while politicians were busy sharing the country’s wealth. He said, “I am not happy with this present administration. Nigerians are not happy; we don’t even know what tomorrow will look like. I hope things will get better someday; our leaders need to change their mindset towards the masses.”

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