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Wendy Williams’ Husband Threatening Staff?



Over the past few months rumors about talk show host Wendy Williams’ husband Kevin Hunter’s infidelities have dominated the headlines.  Now Kevin is blaming Wendy’s staff…

From “Radar Online”… 

“Kevin sat down the entire ‘Wendy’ staff on Monday morning,” a source told Radar. “Everyone thought Kevin was going to provide an update on Wendy’s health, but instead Kevin ranted for almost an hour about the leaks coming out of the show to the press.”

Hunter allegedly read “specific articles and headlines” in an “intimidating voice” to the workers.  “He was overly paranoid about any info about their private life leaking,” the insider said.  “The strange part was he provided no update on Wendy’s health, when she would be back or how she was feeling, which was clearly info that everyone at the show needs to do their jobs,” the insider said. “He was threatening that whomever was the source would be caught.”

And Hunter is determined to find the culprit, as he has been “testing the staff by leaking out information to certain people to see if he can catch someone.”

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