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Watch 95-Year-old Air Force Veteran Show Little Boy How to Be Brave on the Diving Board



When a young boy was too scared to get on the diving board at a local pool, Michael Bliss was the man to prove him wrong.

The 95-year-old Air Force veteran was determined to jump off the diving board as a means of showing a neighborhood youngster that there was nothing to be afraid of.

So with cane in hand and family members gently helping him along, Bliss stepped up to the plate.

While it seems that he may have given his folks a heart attack by almost losing his balance on the board, the senior finally managed to take the plunge – and he did it by performing one of the most impressive half-belly flops ever executed by someone in their golden years.

Bliss’s daughter, Christine Ross, reassured USA Today by saying: “He is very spry for his age – he’s 95 soon to be 96-years-old and is both a WWII and Korean War veteran in the U.S. Air Force. He is full of amazing stories and has song for every situation.”

After hearing about his video being shared online Bliss reportedly told his grandson that he now “wants to be seen around the world”.

(WATCH the video below)

This article originally appeared on Good News Network.

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