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UNIPORT Entertainers vows to boycott K.O Baba Unlimited Tour over neglect



The University of Port Harcourt’s Entertainers has expressed their displease with the K.O Baba brand over neglecting them in an event scheduled to hold at the school’s convocation arena on the 16th of July 2018.
According to Unique Tatafo, none of the entertainers in Uniport were billed to perform at the K.O Baba Unlimited Tour, thus causing their displeasure. See as written by Unique Tatafo below;     

Greatest Uniport students!!!
This is an information news.
The event below has been disapproved by the most conscious Aluta minds, Reasons because the organizers of this event didn’t show respect to the entertainers in Uniport.
I took this personal when I saw some Uniport entertainers, comedians complaining bitterly; This man K.o baba has disrespected our entertainers indirectly. A Uniport event without Uniport artists or comedians is for sure a No no!
You cannot come to another man’s land without recognising those who has developed that land.
I hereby call on the Student Union Government (SUG) to make sure this act of disrespect is dealt with if not we the angry Uniport entertainers will make sure we CAUSE TROUBLE ⚠️⚠️⚠️
This event is already a flop because it will not hold, I repeat it will not hold!!!

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