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Tyrese’s Ex-Wife Questions His Mental Health



Back in June Tyrese Gibson filed for full custody of his 10-year-old daughter Shayla so he could move her from L.A., where she lives with her mother, to Atlanta where she would live with Tyrese and his new wife.  Shayla’s mother questions Tyrese’s mental stability.  Norma Gibson claims it is not in their daughter Shayla’s best interests “to have her life completely disrupted” for Tyrese’s own “selfish reasons.  Norma claims with Tyrese’s busy Hollywood schedule, Norma would be raised by her nanny and step-mother and not her father.
She goes on to say she “has serious concerns as to [Tyrese’s] anger issues and mental health, exhibited by many puzzling videos he has posted.” Norma claims Tyrese has also made public comments about having a meltdown and has admitted to seeing “multiple therapists and psychiatrist.”  In the documents, Norma also cites past allegations of abuse made by both her and her daughter against Tyrese.  The case is ongoing.
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