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#TrendyMum: Are Your Kids Doing Too Much Home Work?



Are Your Kids Doing Too Much Home Work?
Are Your Kids Doing Too Much Home Work?

This is the second episode of #TrendyMum! Today, we are going to be discussing another issue that had been tormenting me for years now – Home work!

“Do your kids have too much homework? Has your child shed tears over the amount of homework he/she has? For me, I think kids are given way too much. They get in at about 4pm daily, rest for a few minutes and boom!!! Homework starts …”

Watch the video below

“It’s not the homework that bothers me o! It’s the volume of homework these kids are given. Isn’t it too much work to do at home after a rigorous day at school? Where is the time for social interaction, active learning and life balance?The worst part of this is that I have to guide them through every single homework. It’s voluminous and draining for me. I never look forward to their homework period. It’s “scary.”

What do you think about this video? Educate me if you think otherwise 👇👇👇 #Mothers #Motherhood #LessonTeacher #Teachers #Homework #TrendyMum

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