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Toke Makinwa goes nude



Nigerian media personality,Toke Makinwa stripped down to promote her soon to be launched brand, Glow By Toke Makinwa .

Though she hasn’t revealed what it’s all about, from the look of things,it may be related to skin care.

Roma president Jim Pallotta has accused Barcelona of acting ‘unethically and imm0rally’ in their signing of Brazilian winger Malcom – and suggested they should send star player Lionel Messi to the Italian capital as compensation.

The Serie A club seemed to have a deal sewn up with Bordeaux for the 21-year-old Brazilian winger, even confirming the transfer on Twitter, with some Roma fans gathering at the airport to welcome the player.

However at the 11th hour Barca swooped with a £45million bid which blew Roma’s offer out the water, and Malcom failed to board his chartered private plane to Rome.

Instead the next day he signed for Barcelona, leaving Roma embarrassed and Pallotta furious.

In a long rant to American radio station Sirius XM, he claimed to have rejected an apology from Barca over the way they acted, and said he would only forgive if they allowed Roma to sign Malcom – or Messi.

Pallotta said: ‘There’s no question that we had a deal with Malcom, then Barca jumped into the mix unethically and imm0rally. They knew this was done.

‘I have zero problem battling it out for a player with Inter or Bayern or whoever and all of us going through the same process. That’s the way it works.

‘Sure some people say “it wasn’t signed”. That’s bull****. We all know how it works. The kid comes in for the medical and the signing is done.

‘Other teams know not to come in and do what Barca did. Bordeaux should have never been doing what they did. Their actions were ridiculous.

‘For Bordeaux to come back and say ‘Oh well, we didn’t sign it…’, well, they asked if they could put it on their website and tweet that he’s going to Rome.

‘Barcelona apologised about their actions and how they did things. I don’t accept the apology at all. The only way I’ll accept Barca’s apology is if they send the player to us, and that’s not going to happen. Maybe, as a goodwill gesture, the very least they could do is send us Messi.’

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