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These Tips Will Teach You How To Battle The Cold Weather In Style



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It’s a common perception that when it’s cold, fashion and style is thrown out the window in an effort to feel warm.

That shouldn’t be the case as fashion is so versatile it should be applied all season round.

The tips below will teach you how to battle the cold weather in style;

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  • Don’t be afraid to layer- Layering is definitely a good choice as it gives you an opportunity to dress up your outfit and add different elements and also keep yourself warm. It’s also great because if the weather gets warmer during the day al you have to do is take a few layers off and you’re good to go instead of feeling stupid for dressing cold when the weather is warm.
  • Pants over dresses- Some dresses are good for cold weather but, most just don’t cut it as their material is just too sheer or its too short for cool weathers or it’s just outright exposing. So, lose the dresses and pick up a pair of pants for the optimum warmth.
  • Scarf it up- A scarf is another way to keep warm but ultimately adds more sauce to the outfit and makes it look more put together giving the outfit a more professional look.
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  • Go for heavier pieces- We all have a piece of clothing that was just too heavy to be worn and stays at the bottom of the wardrobe but now is the time to dust them up and put them on because the heavier the material, the warmer you’ll be.
  • Oversized sleeves- This point really can’t be over- emphasized as oversized sleeves have forever been a trend and come with an aura of a laid-back sophisticated look, at least when done right.
  • Try belting layers- To ensure you don’t end up looking like a sack of potatoes when all layered up, try belting them.
  • Look out for emerging trends- The amazing turtle necks are back and it’s as if they never even left. They are also the perfect attire for the cold weather so ensure to stock up on them this season.
  • Image result for fashionable outfits for the cold whether in nigeria
  • A pop of colour won’t hurt- Many people have the perception that in cold weathers dark colours keep you warmer and colour will make you look bad while pairing. Just find out the shades that work best for you and live life in colour because it’s so much fun and could look twice as good as an all black outfit or a neutral toned outfit.
  • Go for cosy fabrics- As much as you should be on the look out for heavy pieces you should also take into consideration that many heavy fabrics are just outright uncomfortable so fabrics that are warm like velvet and cotton opted for.

Ditch the sandals- A very wise thing to do would be to switch the sandals and open toed hells for a pair of boots or sneakers for the warmth.

Written By Jumoke Oyedeji

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