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These Tips Will Help You Make A Good First Date Impression



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So, you’re Silence your phone-ready to put yourself out there?

Here’s a few tips to guarantee you’re constantly on the mind of your date, in a good way of course.

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  • Arrive early- No this doesn’t mean you should arrive an hour early but make sure you’re on time for your date. Nothing is a worse tun off than lateness.
  • Look presentable- Don’t go there without doing minor things like brushing your teeth and looking neat and also don’t go looking over-dressed. Dress with a purpose.
  • Silence Your Phone: I’m pretty sure everyone finds it rude when their date keeps looking at their phone during the entire date or the phone keeps buzzing throughout so don’t be that annoying person and just silence your phone and keep it in your bag to avoid passing the wrong idea.
  • Interact- Smile a little, it won’t kill you. People love compliments so be sure to dish out some as it will ease the awkwardness and lighten up the mood, be sure to maintain eye contact as it shows confidence and a confident person is an attractive person. Be sure to give your date a reasonable amount of personal space so they don’t feel overwhelmed and not too much that they’ll think you’re uninterested in them.
  • Be socially lubricated- Basically a social lubricant is any legal substance used to improve or enhance the mood of your date.
  • Don’t give off too much on the first date: Save your real problems and flaws until you know he/she is deeply interested in you or is at least interested in you a little bit. If you’re silent enough for some time almost before it starts to feel awkward and uncomfortable, the person will expose some secrets about themselves to you which will help you determine the kind of person they are earlier on.
  • Remember names- Even if you ace everything on your date’s list once you forget their name it all goes downhill because it shows your level of interest in that person. If you eventually end up forgetting the person’s name just avoid instances in which you use that person’s name.

Written By Jumoke Oyedeji

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