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Thailand police become racists,arrest and handcuff African man with papers(Photos)




An African took to Facebook to share the story of what’s currently happening in Thailand.According to report,Thailand new immigration boss has told all Nigerians and other Africans leaving in the country to leave even if you have your papers complete.They arrest Africans,handcuff and imprison them whether you have papers or not.Below is what the man wrote….

‘Black is very strong.
I really do not know what is going on now in Thailand as concerning the immigration bereau.i have all my documents of my child an i have never done anything wrong in thailand but immigration arrest me an put me on handcuff same like i do bad.i never do anything bad in Thailand, i never have problem with anyone in Thailand..i have all my documents but why immigration don’t want to give me visa, that’s what i really do not understand about immigration now in Thailand

I hope the Thai government(immigration bereau) should also not forget that have alot of Thai citizens in my country an in other countries too.secondly they should not forget that have many black people who are married , an have children in Thailand.. What exactly do the Thai Government(immigration) thinking when they treat foreigners like cowards.
If your own citizens in my country an other countries are also treated this way like shit is it going to be a good way or is that how life has to be.?

One day I will go and never come back again’



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