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Silverback Gorilla Brings Traffic to a Halt



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Wanna see how a REAL Boss does it?  Meet Chimanuka, a silverback gorilla who lives in the Congo. He’s the patriarch of his clan, and one of the stars of the BBC’s extremely bingeable “Gorilla Family & Me”.  Recently a camera crew was out in the jungle on a shoot for another project and happened upon the Silverback gorilla posted on the side of the road like he was waiting for a break in movement.  The camera crew eventually stopped traffic and waited.  20 minutes later, after the 30-year-old gentle giant posted up in the middle of the dirt thoroughfare and made sure that there was no danger, the rest of his crew “broke cover” and regally marched across the road over to the sanctuary of the jungle on the far side.

Chimanuka stood in the middle of the road, as sentry for his family, while everybody crossed.  One female gorilla carried her baby on her back as she walked by.  When the last had crossed, the ‘Boss Gorilla’ went toward the crew, looked them in the eye, gave a gorilla grunt,  turned around and followed his family into the jungle.  Like I said, “Like a Boss”.

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