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See the condition of a school in Enugu where students are sent home anytime it wants to rain(Photos)




This is a school in Enugu State, Community Primary School Odoba-Uzam, in Aguamede, Eha-Amufu in Isi Uzo L.G.A of Enugu State.According to Emerald,pupils are dismissed from school anytime it wants to rain.Below is what he shared…

‘Can anyone help us ‘consult’ the Governor of Enugwu State.?

This is Community School Eha-Amufu.

They say pupils are dismissed when it is about to rain.

This school like many others across the state represent the state of education in Enugwu state.

Some schools in my community were close to this status, but we are relying on self help.

We-Care Without Borders Foundation took these photographs. You may wish to read more from their timeline’.



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