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Rape Scandal: “Mustapha Sued Me” – Sugabelly



Mustapha Sued Me

on October 27, 2018 at 3:35 am

I’m unfamiliar with the magnitude of impunity required to unlock delusions of omnipotence, but I suppose when you’ve dug yourself this deep into a bottomless pit, digging your way to China seems anything but.

Even if I had not won this lawsuit, which I did win; the facts remain true and unchangeable. Nevertheless, I am happy to have been legally vindicated through the outcome of this litigation, and I feel it is of the utmost importance to clarify and bring to light the following important details of this case.

It has been bandied about, that Mustapha withdrew from his lawsuit against me because it was struck out due to the anti-SLAPP statute. This is a lie as Mustapha was given the go ahead by the Judge to amend his complaint against me, and he was free and clear to continue his legal proceedings against me  for the same issue for which he sued me.

We had already exchanged witness lists, evidence lists, and discovery interrogatory responses in preparation for our ultimate procession towards trial when he dropped the case.

He had plenty of time and opportunity since May to drop the case, when the anti-SLAPP statute was fully addressed, but he did not until four months later, at the dying minute of the deadline when we were due to submit our evidence to the court.

The deadline for me to finish submitting my Discovery evidence was September 26.

Mustapha withdrew the case on September 21. Five days before the deadline.

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