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Por-nography To Be Removed From Internet In Nigeria?



S*xual immorality is the easiest way, for people who think they can live “my life” anyhow the like, to destroy their life and even those of their innocent children, while thinking they are “enjoying”.

Many today are suffering for the “mess” of their parents.
Sonnie Ekwunsi, the Director, Project for Human Development (PHD), an NGO,  has called on the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to remove por-nography from the Internet.

Ekwunsi made the call in an interview in Abuja on Friday on the sidelines of NCC Stakeholders’ Consultation Forum on the Establishment of Internet Industry Code of Practice.

“The NCC code should be modified to include specifically that por-nography should not be provided by the service providers or content providers.

“So we are saying NCC should do everything possible to remove por-nography apart from cybercrimes from the internet because it is the root of bad character for young ones in the country.

“We are of the view that the Internet should be filtered and be free from por-nography because there is a direct relationship with por-nography and high instances of r*pe.

“In Nigeria today, we are overwhelmed by r*pe simply because young people are exposed to por-nography online and they want to practice what they see online.

“Apart from crime and other things done online, por-nography is a sure threat to national security in terms of damaging the character of Nigerian children.

“We know that children are the leaders of tomorrow and once their character is damaged the nation is damaged.

“We are still struggling to see if there is a way the service providers can avoid por-nography or other illicit materials that damage the character of young ones.

“So that we have vibrant youths tomorrow,’’ he said.

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