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PLEASE HELP! My Boyfriend Wants Me To Wash His Clothes, What Should I Do?



Today on Link Up With Dan, We have a lady that is a state of confusion as she has this to share with us.

Dear Dan,

From ****,

I’m writing this with so much anger right now. But first I want to share my little story. I have been dating this guy for quite some months now.

He was the love of my life and my perfect twin when we first met. There was no place or event he wanted to attend that he wouldn’t go with me… Same with mine.

We were inseparable. We were best friends and had so much love for each other. Just few weeks ago I traveled to see him since I haven’t been to his new place since his transfer at work.

I had planned to have the best of a crazy weekend of fun, hot sex and more outings. I was prepared for the fun but never the fight.

Our first fight ever began the next day after I arrived. I woke up, made breakfast while he was still asleep and then went to serve my baby in bed.

Just after eating, he started picking out his dirty clothes out of the clean ones he had. Just while I turned on the TV to watch, my boyfriend dumped his heap of clothes on the chair and told me to go wash while he strolls out. And I turned and asked what that meant?

Only for him to tell me, I’ve been having a great stay and it’s time to work and I bluntly told him No. I definitely wasn’t going to wash his clothes. We’re just dating, I am not his house help or wife. I told him and walked off to sleep.

With anger he stormed out of the house, called me later that day to get out before he returns. Guys, what did I do wrong?

I’m I supposed to wash his clothes when his hands are not broken? He wants to end the relationship but I love him badly.

What do I do? Are girls supposed to do wifey duties for boyfriends?

Please help me, ‘cus I am really confused.

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