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Patapaa causes fight between Pataxandy & Patapichy



One corner hitmaker Patapaa has caused fight between Pataxandy and Patapichy.

Pataxandy is popularly known as Xandy Kamel an actress while Patapichy is an upcoming artiste known as Luv Morh.

If you can recall, we posted here about a couple of days ago that Patapaa is drunk in love with Luv Morh.

Now, his byforce girlfriend, Pataxandy is jealous and she didn’t hide it at all as she took to her Instagram account and threw some shots at Luv Morh.

“I have had soo many msgs abt this pic can someone tag this lady or tell her that she shudnt start what she can’t finish I wil be back for her tho @luvmorh“, Pataxandy fumed.

It appears Pataxandy won’t allow Luv Morh to snatch Patapaa from her. The battle line has just being drawn, let’s keep our fingers clenched and see what Morh would say in return.

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