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No More “Red-Bottom” Counterfeits



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Christian Louboutin is known for red-soled shoes. It allows people to attribute the shoe back to its rightful owner. It’s an honor for people to show them off when they get their hands (or feet in this case) in a pair.  Which is why Louboutin fought so hard to prevent counterfeits from sweeping in on their iconic stamp and to keep the “bloody” shoe trademark that belongs to them.⠀

This case started in 2012 when a Dutch shoe company started selling their own version of the “Red-Bottom” Stilettos. The Louboutin brand wasn’t having it and sued the company. The counter-argument by the Dutch company was that they should be able to sell their line of shoes because the European Union law prohibits the trademark of products with common shapes, like shoes. But the European Union’s Top Court stood firmly behind the Louboutin fashion brand, ruling that if you see the color red at the bottom of a shoe, it can only come from the Louboutin brand. The ‘Louboutin’ company was thrilled with the court’s ruling and followed up with a statement saying, “Christian Louboutin warmly welcomes this judgment. For 26 years, the red-sole has enabled the public to attribute the origin of the shoe to its creator.” ⠀⠀


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