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Nigerian man,25 announces he’s inlove with a 35 year old single mum



A 25 year old Nigerian guy has announced he is inlove with a divorced single mum of one who is 10 years older than he is. Abubakar Sanusi revealed on Twitter that he has had 14 failed relationships and though his new love is ”not much of a beauty” or from a wealthy background, he is inlove with her.

He tweeted

A guy of 25 years old, in love with a 35 year old divorcee, not much of a beauty but hard working, isn’t that what guys should be exploring? instead of chasing teenage/early 20 year old beautiful girls who just care about the luxury and not true love.

I had exactly 14 relationships, and rich girls, middle class girls, beautiful, ugly, yorubas, igbos, edos, hausas and fulanis, but all of my age rate. And the longest relationship was a year and a half and shortest was 3 weeks.

But now, to all my crushers, and friends and family, I have been dating a lady over 4 months now and for the first time #IFoundLove to a baby mama, 19 years older than me, not from a wealthy background but better than any girl i ever come across

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