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Nigerian man chained and flogged mercilessly by a white man after defaulting in drug business(Photos,video)




A Nigerian man from Imo State is currently having the worst experience of his life after defaulting in drug business.According to Vincent aka Eze Awo,the victim collected drugs(cocaine) from a man in India and sent it to some of his village friends in Mozambique. However,they defaulted and did not send the money back.He wrote…

‘This 3 stupid umu Awo omamma sale & put they blood brother in this shit!! In de name of making money!If you support this die now says Eze Awo!Is my destiny to stop evil minded people am second son of chukwu okike! Be with us live tomorrow by 9pm to hear what realy happened! Share share share’.

In a very long video he made this morning,he said the victim sent five and half bags of cocaine to his friends.Instead of selling it,they decided to send them to Canada from Mozambique via Tanzania.Eze Awo said he tried to reason with them to see how they will rescue the victim.Instead they blocked him.He shared their photos on Facebook and said he does not support evil.Despite many people cursing him,Eze Awo who resides in Austria said he does not support evil and said nobody will intimidate him.He urged them to return the money back.According to him,a white man is only interested in money when drug business is involved.

Watch the video of the white man flogging the hell out of the guy on the link above



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