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Nigerian Lesbian Woman visits Ibadan, says she was so scared of coming home



Moji Solar-Percy, a gay Nigerian woman who got married to her American female partner in the U.S last year, recently visited Ibadan, Oyo state.

Moji says she was so scared of coming home due to how homophobic Nigerians are, but according to her, she was welcomed very well by the locals in the community but the middle class educated ones weren’t cordial.

She wrote on Instagram;

”Surprise !!!! We spent the past amazing 9 days in Nigeria !! We spent a lot of time with the local people and found them to be warm , kind accommodating, content and hard working, but the so called middle class, the uneducated Literates ???that’s a whole other story !! Nigeria we hail thee. Beyond your worst fears lies the keys to your promised land. I was afraid to go and guess what , if you carry yourself with respect and dignity, the world will carry you as such !!! #”

Nigeria can be said one of the worst places to be friendly to anyone remotely seen as gay. In the past five years, LGBTQ advocacy has become almost non-existent.

Notable advocates like the controversial Bisi Alimi and Michael Ighodaro, now Assistant Professor in Global LGBTI Studies at The New School University in New York, have fled the country, only visiting in short spurts.

In spite of this and the social suicide that can come from affiliating oneself with gay friends or fashion (or so much as holding hands with a male friend at Lagos Fashion and Design Week), many young people in Africa’s most populous nation are not as averse to homosexuality and the conversation surrounding it as their parents were



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