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Nelly and his Girlfriend Sued by Sexual Assault Accuser



Earlier this year Nelly was accused of sexual misconduct by a former fan in the UK.  Now she’s suing him.  And his girlfriend.  Who wasn’t even there.  The former fan, let’s call her ‘Jane Doe’, says she met Nelly during a meet-and-greet and he whispered in her ear to stay behind.  She did, but that’s when she claims he dropped his pants and started masturbating while saying, “You want this dick don’t you.”  Doe claims she rebuffed him several times but Nelly would not back off, and told her he wanted to ejaculate on her. She says she told him something to effect of… “You may have more quid in your bank than I do. But this doesn’t make you any more special. Pull your trousers back up and fuck off.”
The woman claims Nelly got aggressive and clenched his fist — and when she asked if he was going to hit her, he allegedly said … “No, I’m just frustrated. I’m not used to not getting my way, just do it.” She claims he forced his penis into her mouth, and that’s when she jumped back and was able to flee the room.  She’s also suing Nelly’s GF, Shantel Jackson, for calling her a liar on Twitter.
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