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Michelle Williams Forced to Film Broken Engagement



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Earlier this week Michelle Williams announced she was leaving her role in the Broadway play “Once on This Island“, in the wake of her broken engagement with pastor Chad Johnson.  Now there are rumors that Michelle is being pressured to film the implosion of her relationship.  As fans know, the couple have a show, “Chad Loves Michelle” chronicling their engagement and upcoming wedding, but they broke up with episodes of the show still left in the lineup.  Michelle didn’t show up to film for the show and the pressure from the network is coming down on her to get the last episode out with changes before next week.  She’s not cooperating.  She has shut down.  She was told she had to reshoot the last episode of her reality show with Chad to include that they were calling off their wedding.  She doesn’t want to relive that.   That’s very emotional for her, especially since it’s mental changes causing her issues in the first place.
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