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Meghan’s Evil Step-Sister Planning Tell-All Book to Coincide with Baby’s Birth



Last month Meghan Markel’s evil step-sister Samantha extended an olive branch insisting news of Meghan’s pregnancy canceled out their prior issues.  Now Samatha is planning to release a tell-all book to coincide with Meghan’s due date.

From ‘The Star’…

Samantha Markle will spill-secrets and “hold nothing back” in April or May – when Meghan Markle’s baby is due – and unleash “In the Shadows of The Duchess”.  The 53-year-old has vowed to “cover everything” in the book, which was previously titled “The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister”, “from lullabies to lies”.

She told Daily Star Online: “In The Shadows Of The Duchess covers everything… the world does not know truth total truth… (I’m) holding nothing back!  “From lullabies to’s all there in my book.

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