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Lil Wayne Accused of Committing a Hate Crime



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Over the weekend, Lil Wayne was slapped with a lawsuit for allegedly punching a security guard in the face and subsequently committing a hate crime against white people.  In the suit Andrew Nunemacher said he was working the front door at Hyde nightclub on the Sunset Strip in June 2016 when the rapper showed up with his crew for a BET Awards after-party. However, things took a turn for the worse, when the group started to act up.   According to the suit, the guard felt physically threatened in the rapper’s presence, but he was just trying to do his job when he was met with the rapper’s closed fist. The guard said Wayne also tossed a drink in his face and yelled, “Fuck you, white boy!” in the incident, which prompted his demand for a $25,000 civil penalty to be added to the assault and battery damages for the alleged hate crime.

Image result for Andrew NunemacherWayne says says not only did he not commit a hate crime against the guard, he says he didn’t punch the man either. So, he wants the entire case thrown out.  Although Weezy has denied all wrongdoing in the incident and maintains he acted in a “careful” and “reasonable” manner, he says the guard voluntarily assumed the potential risks. He says any injuries the guard sustained in the incident were a result of self-defense, which means Nunemacher’s damages were caused by “his own negligence and carelessness.” 

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