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Lady advises married women against respecting their Pastors over their husbands (Video)



In a trending video, a Nigerian woman has advised married men to send their wives back to their parents if they honor their pastors more than they honor them.

She warned women against giving their pastors the respect that is meant for their spouses as the pastor is only a third party in the marriage.

Her words; “This message is for all the married women, single ladies included. Dear ladies, please do not give the respect and the honor your husband deserves to your pastor. And maybe you don’t know this, your pastor is a third party in your marriage. Do not allow your pastor to come in between you and your husband.

“If you don’t call your husband ‘My Lord’, do not call any pastor ‘My Lord’. Your husband is your priority. If you’ve not given your husband food with turkey, or served him food with chicken, do not serve any pastor or any man of God food with turkey and chicken.

“Please men, anytime your wife is not respecting you, you noticed she normally kneels down at the sight of a man of God, she calls you ‘Papa Obum’ at home, but when she sees the pastor, she calls him ‘My Lord’ and ‘Daddy’, please take that woman back to her parents.”

Watch the video below:

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