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Kanye West cuts call with Kim Kardashian to chat with paparazzo



Kanye West cut a call short to wife Kim Kardashian on Tuesday to engage in a heartfelt chat with a member of the paparazzi.

The Grammy-winner, 40, was walking with a friend and trailed by a guard outside of the Calabasas Tech Center in Calabasas, California, as he chatted on the phone with the reality TV queen, 37.

He then wrapped up his call with her to field questions from the cameraman about the ‘crazy threats’ he’s faced – presumably from Daz Dillinger, the rapper who called upon Crips gang members to ‘f*** Kanye up’ after the rapper stated his support for President Donald Trump in recent weeks, even donning the red Make America Great Again cap.

Babe, let me talk to you in person, please?’ West told the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, who could be heard responding, ‘OK, bye.’

‘We love everybody and it’s all love, really,’ Kanye told the paparazzo, before shaking his hand, asking what his name was (Art) and how many children he has (two).

‘When I first came out to LA, I didn’t have a family, so having a family gave me a whole new respect for the dads, bro,’ said the hit-maker

He added:

‘You don’t feel like being in Calabasas shooting somebody and asking questions like that and stuff. But, you actually have a very important role and I feel like your role is not respected, and I feel like everybody’s role in society is important.’

The pap acknowledged Kanye’s sentiments, and Kanye asked to give the man a hug, and requested that their whole exchange be posted online.

Daily Mail

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