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John Legend Shut Down by His 2-Year-Old Daughter



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He’s won ten Grammys, but John Legend still can’t impress his own baby girl, Luna.  The adorable two-year-old was seen in a hilarious video posted by Chrissy Teigen begging her daddy to stop singing while he was doing vocal warm-ups.  Luna repeatedly screams “no” at the singer as he continues to do his exercises. The little one gets so adorably frustrated, she starts pushing him as her “no” gets louder and louder.  Funny gal Chrissy simply captioned the video, “#TWO.”

Chrissy Tiegan

The couple has a lot on their plate, with a newborn son recently coming into the world and now their oldest going through the terrible twos.

Image result for Chrissy double up on breastfeeding duty

As much as mommy and daddy might not enjoy this phase, Luna has us LOLing our faces off — especially when she insisted Chrissy double up on breastfeeding duty!

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