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Actress Salma Mumin has angrily lashed out at bloggers; describing them as lazy people who wouldn’t work hard to get tangible news for their websites but rather focus on spreading falsehood to get traffic on their sites.

According to her, she is not in dire need of a man as reported earlier by bloggers.

She explains that it was only a joke when she posted an image she liked on her account which reads: “Dear whoever I end up with.. hurry up … I’m bored”.

Debunking the earlier reports suggesting she was looking for a man to marry, the actress posted on her Instagram page’ “So someone can not play again? Someone cannot repost a random quote just because they like it? I posted this first photo just yesterday because I saw it online and liked the message. Next day it’s all over That AM LOOKING for a MAN!”

Salma Mumin expressed her dissatisfaction with the bloggers who only found it useful to publish a story about her seeking for a man when on that same day she posted a video about her new TV show which none decided to make a story out of.

Describing it as “pathetic”, the actress said it is sad how people only are interested in writing about the negatives of others just to get the attention they desire.

She said “It is pathetic to me because it looks like our own people doesn’t want the best for us because that same yesterday I posted a video about my new “TV SHOW” and nobody supported by making it news. I haven’t seen any HEADLINE saying SALMA MUMIN STARS in new TV SHOW”.

Salma Mumin also revealed that she stopped granting interviews to journalists because of the fear that she might be misquoted and her words twisted in order to get traffic to their sites.

She further cautioned men who send her messages expressing their love and desire for her to stop as she is proud of being single and not in dire need of a man.

“For Everyone’s information, I AM SINGLE yes! BUT AM NOT LOOKING FOR A MAN! So please all the MEN sliding into my DM and sending Emails should just STOP”, she added.


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