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Jamie Foxx Accused of Sexual Assault



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I thought this story was a joke until I read it in a few more newsfeeds.  It seems Jamie Foxx is accused of slapping a woman in the face with his dick.  A woman in Las Vegas just filed a police report claiming Jamie Foxx slapped her in the face with his penis during a house party back in 2002.  16 years ago.  The woman claims Jamie asked her for oral sex and when she refused he slapped his weenie across her face.  Now how her face happened to be that close to his dick is a whole nother question.  After the incident the woman claims she was asked to leave the party (duh) and was later treated at the hospital for a panic attack.
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The woman claims the #MeToo movement prompted her to speak out and she hopes other women will come forward with their stories about Jamie Foxx.  Meanwhile Jamie denies the claims and plans to file his own police report against the alleged victim for filing a false police report against him.  I knew this movement  would eventually get out of hand with ridiculous claims, but this is one is way out there…
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