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Impeachment Plot Against Saraki Will Fail, says Baraje



A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and member of the party’s board of trustees (BoT), Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Baraje, has said the alleged plot to impeach Senate President Bukola Saraki will not stand.

He asked those hatching the plot to be wary of their machination as it may boomerang.
Baraje, a one-time acting National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) spoke with reporters inc, the Kwara state capital at the sideline of a prayer session to commemorate his 67th Birthday.

The politician said he was aware of the ongoing gimmicks by certain forces but warned that those behind the impeachment plot should tarry because of the dire consequences.

He stated that the Saraki’s camp would be watching to know the length with which the plotters would go to achieve their target.

The political associate of Senator Saraki added that the former governor of the state has had a firm grip of the upper chamber of the National Assembly like never before, insisting that he cannot be intimidated owing to the fact that he enjoys the confidence of his colleagues.

He recalled that a group within the Senate, who vehemently resisted Saraki leadership at inception, had aligned and stood solidly behind him.

He maintained that the President of the Senate was brilliant and full of hope and dream for Nigeria, warning that such lofty hope should not be destroyed on the altar of politics.

Said he: “Many of us helped to build APC. I’m one of them, he (Saraki) was and still one of them. We are still building the party. I think the party has not made a statement about the so called threat to impeach him. We only learnt from the news that we read and from hearsays. And I think very sincerely, there must be ground before you impeach somebody like him, and they (Senators) have their own rules and regulations and we all have constitutions that guide impeachment.

“If the Senate President is seen to have violated such rules, why not? But sincerely as of today and to the best of my knowledge, I don’t think any Senate President in the past, in the immediate-past or long past, has held the Senate like Bukola Saraki has been holding it. He has been seeing to be a team player, he has been seeing to be leader that carries the Senate along and he has been seeing to be somebody, who can endure, give and sacrifice for this nation.

“Remember that he got to that position like a war, as if he was fighting a war. Today, even those people, who opposed him, are the most fanatical people, who are his supporters today. So, what reason do you want to say you have to want to impeach such a person.

“I’m aware there is lot of gimmicks, but the worst one that would boomerang against anybody who is planning anything, is to say they want to impeach Bukola Saraki. That Senate is solid as I have never seen. I believe it would keep bouncing. There are other ways that the gimmicks are going, let us all keep watching. We can only wish Nigeria well.

“But I only hope and pray that Nigerians will not be destroyers of their hope. Bukola Saraki is young that is what I mean by hope; he has age on his side; he is brilliant; he knows Nigeria; he has dream for Nigeria. If today, we now stand to say we want to destroy such people, then that is why I said I hope and pray that Nigeria will not destroy its own future.”

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