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If You Are Trying To Lose Weight, These Are 3 Fitness Apps You Should Have



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We all know that we need to exercise or workout daily, but if you’re looking for a better way to log your workouts, try your phone.

You now have fitness apps at your reach. Truth be told, new research suggests that most smartphone apps are just as reliable and accurate for tracking fitness as other wearable devices, like pedometers and accelerometers.

You can step up your workout game and track progress reliably with these handy fitness apps.

Movement tracker Human

If you are not looking to run a marathon or climb a mountain, you just want to step up your physical activity in an effort to stay healthy, Movement tracker Human may be your best bet. Its aim is to inspire you to move for at least thirty minutes each day. It automatically tracks walking, running, and biking, while counting time, distance traveled, and calories burned.

The Nike+ Running App

The Nike+ Running app is designed to help you reach your goals. Focus on speed or distance, and stock up on digital trophies as you hit new milestones. This app comes with GPS and a time tracking capability, as well as a calorie counter. It also has built-in training programs for distances ranging from five(5)Ks to full marathons. Plus, Nike+ syncs up with your music and gives you the option to program “power songs” that play when you need an extra boost.

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio offers sixty-five yoga and meditation classes, complete with nearly three hundred different poses. This app allows you to track your progress, mark your favorites, and schedule future workouts so you never miss a class.

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