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I transfer the money I spend from the spiritual to my bank account – Obinim



Bishop Daniel Obinim has finally opened up on his source of money which he uses in living an expensive life—buying luxurious cars, travelling around the world among others.

According to him, he doesn’t even touch the church money because all he does is to transfer the money from the spiritual realm into his physical bank account.

I’m just wondering why he can’t  transfer just $50Billion so we wouldn’t have to beg the Chinese again and pay over 100 years.

We take the money from the spiritual and convert them into physical. I have said all the monies I have put in the banks are not from my church, they are from the spiritual realm and I have changed them into physical…”

He continued by saying, “Jesus told me to share with my church members. So I tell you to watch your ways so I can use some of the money to help you and take care of you…” he cautioned them.

Obinim further said that he’s able to enter World Bank where all the monies in the world are kept. All he needs to do is to speak in a Chinese tongue and then boom no one can detect him. So he easily carries out his money laundering duties unnoticed.

Wow. What a wonderful cock and bull story!!!

Watch video below:

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