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I See Fornicators, Adulterers Living Large On Social Media… how can I stay faithful?



Someone asked Pastor (Dr.) Roger this question and he replied;

It is easier to make money when you are living in sin because that is all the world has to offer. A lady can commit Fornication or Adultery with a man/men for instant money and wait for the consequences when she dies. A man can get a gun, kill someone, get rich instantly and wait for the consequences when he dies.

There are many dirty ways for money, but the Eternal consequences are scary. 

If you want to be faithful and secure your Eternity…
I had same worries like you before. My faith struggles began in my early 20s. I’ll be vulnerable and say that I’ve struggled with doubts ever since. 
I’ll not take time to reiterate my struggles with doubts — but I will share with you the truths that I turn to for peace when my faith is shaking. By the way, in Psalm 73, Asaph had his doubts about the goodness of God. Far from disqualifying him to lead worship, God gave him lots of grace. He told him to keep his own doubts quiet so as not to disturb the congregation. Then, God gave him the understanding and the time to work through his issues.

I continued sharing the Word of God even while I was doubting because the Word of God is powerful and life-changing. I continued pastoring because God gave me the grace and time that I needed to seek insight for answers to my questions.

1. Doubts due to sinners living large are normal. 

I once asked a pastor friend, “Do you ever have doubts?” He cocked his head and said, “Well, of course. Doesn’t everybody?”

We don’t talk much about our doubts in the Christian church. We talk about faith. Doubt is an “off-limits” subject.

Think about John the Baptist. He was the forerunner of Jesus. But when depressed and imprisoned, his faith wavered. He sent his disciples to ask Jesus, “Are you really the one, or should we look for another?
” (Luke 7:18-23).

Jesus did not say, “Yes,” and settle the issue for John once and for all. He told him to look at His works: “Tell John that blind eyes see; paralyzed limbs are restored; deaf ears here; and demons are exorcised.”

The opposite of faith is not doubt. The opposite of faith is no faith. A faith-doubt crisis is not the same as no faith at all.

I do know some who claim never to have had a single doubt about the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ. In some ways that’s an easy faith.

I know many who have struggled to believe — and in the solution to their struggle they found their faith stronger than ever.

Struggles with faith and doubts are normal Christianity. If you remain faithful, you will come out the other side stronger than ever.

2. Doubts often arise when you don’t see what you want.
Why Did John the Baptist begin to doubt? Because Jesus did not live up to his own expectations.

Judas was disappointed with Jesus and look where it got him.

Many people have expectations for Jesus that He has no intentions of meeting. Their prayers are not in line with his will.

The worst is those who live in sin knowingly and still think their prayers should be answered too. Sins impair prayers.
So, you either live a “worldly life”, make money anyhow and wait for consequences, or live a “worthy life”, pay your dues through Righteousness and succeed in life and secure Eternity.

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