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‘I Found My Best Friend Nude Pictures On My Fiancé’s Phone, My Wedding Is February 10th’ – Please What Should I Do?



Dear Dan.,

Please don’t mind the errors, i was in tears when typing.

I am engaged to be married in a few weeks. February 10th precisely. However,I just made a very disturbing discovery.

I found my best Friend’s nude pictures on my fiance’s phone and I have no idea who is telling the truth! This happened when we were shopping in Balogun market last Saturday. My fiance had taken me and my sister to pick up a few items needed for the wedding.

We were actually sampling out materials that we would use for our traditional wedding. I couldnt really make up my mind so I asked my fiance to come and meet us in the shop to help make the decisions. While we were in the shop,his phone rang and he answered a call. After the call,he sent an sms.

He explained that someone needed the wedding IV so he forwarded a digital copy from his phone. Just about the time he dropped his phone, we were talking about cost of how much twelve yards this material we loved would cost, seeing that Wole’s phone was just by me, the security lock had not set in, I picked to phone to make a quick calculation.

For some odd reason, I was trying to navigate to the calculator but I clicked on his gallery. I almost clicked back but I had just seen a nude photo.

I looked carefully and it was a photo of Yemisi, my best friend and maid of honor!…I was like,what?..At that point, Wole wanted to retrieve the phone but I wouldn’t let him. I got up and scanned through the phone gallery and there were more than ten nude photos of my friend.

All I could do was fall on my knees and started to cry. I was like Wole why…why..why..why me..why do this to me…what did I do to deserve this?

Wole just kept quiet and said it was a mistake. That Yemisi sent the photos to him by mistake. My sister was not having it, so she called Yemisi, put her on speaker phone and asked her why Wole has over ten of her nude photos on his phone….all Yemisi could say was…yeee!…and the line went dead!

My sister and myself left the market immediately in a cab and went home without Wole. I cried and cried all through until I got home. My sister and Mom called Wole and rained all kinds of insults on him. My mom also called Yemisi who still claimed it was a mistake from her.

That she mistakenly sent them to Wole. But my mom threatened to place a curse on her, that was when she said that actually, she mistakenly sent Wole a nude picture the first time. When she spoke to Wole that it was a mistake, she said it was Wole’s idea that she should send more .

That he likes a girl who gets freaky. She insisted she wouldn’t do that but that Wole said, he just wanted pictures as he was using the pictures to fantasize about his wife to be….

Yemisi was trying to say she was very sorry that even though, Wole flirted with her sometimes, she never allowed him to get to her, she only sent pictures.

With all that is happening…I dont know who to trust. I really dont believe that it was only about nude pictures. what if they actually were doing dirty behind me? And what kind of a man asks for nude pictures of his wife to be best friend? Is that a trust worthy man to go ahead and marry?

What is the guarantee that he wouldnt be doing the same thing when we marry? I am at loss for words. I am thinking of ending this but my family thinks we can still move past this.

Please,I need objective advice from people looking at this matter from a neutral ground…is this enough to break off my engagement and wedding? How do I even begin to build trust with a man who already has broken the trust even before we start our lives together?

I am pained, confused and tired. Did I catch my fiance red handed as a sign from God that this marriage maybe a huge mistake?

Please Advice, Kindly Drop Your Comments Below!

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