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How To Achieve Beauty Blogger Ronke Raji’s Afro Style



The afro is a symbol of black culture and the natural look of black hair. Both males and females of all ages wear the afro hairstyle. If you would like to wear your hair in an afro, beauty blogger Ronke Raji shows us how to get the perfect Afro with your Natural hair (4c/4b/4a). She also shares the products she uses to achieve the look.

Here are 5 tips to remember when you have natural hair:

  • Always keep your scalp well nourished by applying a product that penetrates the scalp.
  • Buy products that are specially formulated for natural hair because they have added moisture to prevent it from drying out.
  • Segment your Afro then twist it into Bantu knots or twisted ponytails to prevent friction when you’re sleeping. This minimises breakage.
  • Wearing a headwrap when you sleep helps the hair absorb more product and prevent making your linen, too.
  • Regular treatment and conditioning of your Afro strengthens it from within.

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Watch Ronke Raji below

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How To Achieve Beauty Blogger Ronke Raji’s Afro Style

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