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WE ARE NOT MAD AT DALLAS. WE ARE NOT. Yes, The Real Housewives of Dallas continue to make all Texans look like hot new-money messes, on Big Rich Texas and Most Eligible Dallas and The A-List: Dallas. But no, we’re not mad at all.  We may be a little annoyed that Houston has had cast after cast of faux-Housewives shows crash and burn without ever getting picked up by a network.

But consider this: Just a few years ago, the only portrayal of H-Town on television was Animal Cops: Houston. And then there were a whole new crop of shows that featured actual, interesting Houstonians—you know, mostly.  Yeah, some of them crashed and burned, but still…

“Sisters in Law”

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Star: Former Houston city council member and current HISD board member Jolanda Jones—and her marvelous taste in earrings
Concept: Six high-powered African-American female lawyers balance work, family and relationships.
Inspired By: Honestly? Nothing. There are many shows about African-American women, but none that also show them collectively as kick-butt professionals.

Billion Dollar Buyer

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Star: Billionaire Landry’s owner Tilman Fertitta
Concept: Entrepreneurs around the country pitch Fertitta on their products, hoping to get a purchase order from Landry’s 50 restaurants and 500 properties.
Inspired By: Shark Tank, obviously

Chasing Destiny

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Star: Beyoncé’s BFF and Destiny’s Child original member Kelly Rowland
Concept: Rowland and choreographer Frank Gatson hope to mold a few talented singers into the next big girl group.
Inspired By: It’s less like The X-Factor, for which Rowland previously served as a judge, and more like MTV’s Making the Band.

And now word is a two new Houston based shows are being considered.  So who needs Housewives?

“Married to Medicine” – Houston

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Star: Probably Cindi Rose, following in daughter Erica’s reality TV footsteps
Concept: You know the drill: Rich ladies go to lunch, fight, go to galas, make up, gossip, etc.
Inspired By: Married to MedicineReal Housewives—basically any other Bravo show
Where to Watch: Bravo, supposedly? Although there’s been no mention of the show on the Bravo website, and no airdate set. Could Houston be—gasp—too boring for a Housewives-type show?  Word is they are looking for new blood to spice up to cast.

The Best Little Auction House in Texas

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Star: Vikki Vines, owner and auctioneer at Gallery Auctions
Concept: The show chronicles the crazy characters and adventures of one of the biggest and busiest auction houses in Texas.
Inspired By: Forebears include Antiques Roadshow and Storage Wars, with just a hint of Duck Dynasty thrown in.


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