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Here’s Why Ghana’s Movie Industry Is In A Limbo According To Actor James Gardiner



You need no witch doctor or a sorcerer to divulge that Ghana’s Movie Industry has hit the rocks. As filmmakers fail to learn the law of deminishing marginal utility in the collapsing industry.
Most industry players have accepted that indeed the movie industry is literally at the IC Unit whiles others keep playing the blame game.
Pretty faced actor James Timothy Gardiner has joined the tall list of actors and actresses screaming for a miracle to resurrect the dying industry.
Speaking on the Delay Show with host Deloris Frimpong Manso, He disclosed in his view what has caused the movie industry to cease function. This according to him is the incessant using of same characters in movies to tell different stories.
” The way it used to be vibrant 5 – 6 years ago is not the same. The problem is not the actors. I think is more of what the producers are going through. If they shoot the movie. They look for certain kind of people and faces. The faces you have in a movie is your quoting price” He said
The TV personality cited a colleague’s name to make a good point.
“When you pick Majid in your movie it’s a heavy face that means you’re going to get big money and you won’t get Majid all the time. He is also going to be more expensive by the year. Normally that’s how it works. You won’t get something which will stay the same price at a year by all means it will increase.  And they also try to bring new faces. That’s how come Ghanaians also complain”
He continued “The movie industry is not easy to introduce new face cause the people who buy the rights know those who sells if you bring new faces the quote price decreases. Because of the one way faces is boring”
“Today face A tomorrow B and the producers aren’t getting their worth. So I think eventually the number of production decreases.
He, however, advised his comrades to do other business aside acting.
“If you have foresight you have to do something. Like we do not put all eggs in one basket. 
There’s no money in movie persay. The endorsement, appearances and MCs pay” He noted
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