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Gloria Govan Arrested for Child Endangerment



Reality star Gloria Govan was arrested for child endangerment after custody exchange went wrong with her wrong with her ex husband Matt Barnes.  Gloria’s kids were at their school Friday, about to get out for the day, and ex-husband Matt Barnes was scheduled to pick them up. According to their child custody agreement, Matt had custody for the long, Labor Day weekend.  5 minutes before school let out — Gloria arrived to get the twin boys. She got the children in her car and that’s when Matt showed up and told her it was his weekend for the kids.  Matt told the kids to get out of Gloria’s car and into his. The kids followed Matt’s instructions, and Gloria then flew into a rage, tried to follow Matt’s car, screaming and cussing. She then blocked Matt’s car with the kids inside, and that’s when someone called 911.  Gloria was arrested for child endangerment and also violating a court order. After police took Gloria to jail, they let Matt take the kids after he showed them paperwork he had custody this weekend.  Gloria was booked and released on $100,000 bail.
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