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Funny Face & Don Little jams to ‘Gyae Dede’ diss song



Don Little recorded a diss song ‘Gyae Dede’ directed at Funny Face when they were beefing.

Fast-forward, after Don Little rendered an unqualified apology, Funny Face came out on social media announcing that to ‘err is human and to forgive is divine’.

So he has forgiven Don Little.

It appears the ‘Chorkor Trotro’ actor really has a heart of gold, just this morning, he shared a video which sees him and Don Little jamming to the diss song which was meant for him.

The Children’s President announced that Little has now changed his name to ‘Don Deezy’.

“Ladies and Gentlemen.. pls make some noise for da new musician on da block .. DON DEEZY .. a.k.a Ancient of days 😂😂💃💃💃🏃🏃 … young old Man !! #ChildrenPresident #MrHappiness”, the caption of the video reads.

Watch video below:

If Funny Face can forgive Don Little and they’re living together once more like the good old days? What about you? Please unforgiveness can make you die before your time.

Forgive that your friend, partner, wife, husband even if they’ve hurt you to the extreme.

Life is short, be happy while you can. Let go, and forgive. Have a nice day.

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