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Former President Obasanjo’s ADC Breaks As N-ADC Emerges



Less than a year after the registration of the opposition African Democratic Congress (ADC), a faction that called itself New African Democratic Congress (N-ADC) has emerged under the leadership of Chief Sir Precious Elekima.

The faction, in a letter addressed to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), stated that the old ADC has strayed from the main principle which is to salvage Nigeria from both the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

“Since some of the National leaders of the party have chosen to go into unholy intimacy with the leprous PDP and lepers from APC, the ADC members who do not wish to be afflicted with leprosy have been forced to form the New African Democratic Congress (N-ADC),” Elekima stated.

Announcing the formation of the faction at a press conference Tuesday in Abuja, Elekima, accused former President Olusegun Obasanjo of forming an unholy alliance with the “leprous PDP” and “lepers from the APC”.

This came just after the former President’s Coalition for Nigerian Movement had joined forces with other millions of Nigerians to fuse into the African Democratic Congress (ADC), established to be the Third-Force with a clear mandate to “salvage Nigerians from their oppressive kleptomaniac slave fasters.”

According to the Chairman of the N-ADC, he expressed concern over the resources and time given to the rise of ADC, with no sponsorship from former President Obasanjo, but allegedly went ahead to take part in an “unholy political Orgy clothed as MoU Of Coalition of United Political Party on the 16th of July, 2018.”

Elekima emphasized that both the APC and the PDP have not been cleansed of the leprosy and not in agreement with the forced matrimony with both political parties.

His words: “We must acknowledge as we share in the pains and travails afflicted on all Nigerians by reason of the APC led Federal Government’s failure in fulfilling their promise to the Nation.

“We must be quic to add that the PDP cannot be substituted for the APC in the next elections.”

The Chairman of the N-ADC emphasized further that majority of the stakeholders in ADC “never set out to deceive Nigerians and it has become necessary for the sake of these innocent members and the hope held for Nigerians that we step out of the ADC with the mission and mandate of the clarion call and leave behind those leaders who for reasons best known to them must by now have also become leprous.

“We are therefore, happy and proud to announce that these gallant Nigerians who believed in the Third-Force for Nigerians have now constituted themselves out from the former ADC as the New African Democratic Congress (N-ADC). We call on members of ADC Nationwide, the Coalition of Nigeria Movement (CNM), and All P[rogressives to rally round the N-ADC as we set out on a mission to free Nigerians from their slave masters,” the statement added.

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