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Eminem respond to Machine Gun Kelly diss track rap devil with killshot



Eminem dropped “Killshot” Friday in response to MGK’s diss track, “Rap Devil,” that he dropped last week. In it, MGK took shots at Eminem’s age, his beard and his miserable attitude. Fans weren’t expecting Em to sit quiet, and he delivered. Some lyrics …

“Die motherf**ker like the last motherf**ker saying Hailie in vain.”

“You would suck a dick to be more for a second.”

“My biggest flops are your greatest hits.”

“You’re a molehill … I’ll make a whole mountain out of you.”

He also took aim at Tupac’s death and accused Diddy of putting out the hit — “The day you put out a hit is the day Diddy admits he put out the hit that got Pac killed” — though at the end of the song, Em addresses Diddy, and says he’s only kidding.

His last shot at MGK … “Leave my dick in your mouth and take my daughter out of it.”

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