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Edem asked for the meaning of ‘Feminist’ – Manifest replies with his big English



Rapper Edem has been wondering what the meaning of the word Feminist is. Because according to him, he keep stumbling upon the word on his wall and he wouldn’t love any one to deceive his daughter at school.

Instead of remaining a ‘wonder boy’ forever, he did well by seeking the meaning from his followers on Twitter.

Edem’s tweet reads: “I need to get a lot of insight into this whole Feminist thing so well no girl would just go and liar my daughter to hate men….Who got the wisdom bag on feminism in gh?”

Well, fellow rapper Manifest came across the tweet and he decided to give a simple definition of whom a feminist is, but chale, the vocabulary he was using can cause mental sickness.

In reply, Manifest tweeted: “It’s a dangerous place to begin my brother. Similar principles apply just as being pro black is not being anti white. It’s easy for the internet to cast aspersions on struggles for equality for women under the guise of its a “hate men” movement. We have to do better us men.”

It appears Edem understood somehow but he replied Manifest that he would do his won investigations.

“Noted brother..Would do some digging for myself..”

Now please try and read and see if you also understand what Manifest is trying to say. Which school at all did he attend? Hahaha.

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