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Dabota Lawson shares the secret of her flawless skin



Ex-beauty queen and beauty entrepreneur, Dabota Lawson is known for her makeup line,Dabota Cosmetics. And now, the mother of one has shared the secret of her flawless skin.

In an interview with The Nation, she said

When it comes to beauty routine, I am very particular about what I put on my skin. I have had several situations and I have had a very sensitive skin. So, things that would not ordinarily affect people would affect me or anybody I know that has sensitive skin.

I prefer to use natural products on my skin. When I really want to take care of myself I do honey and oat face mask; I scrub my face with sugar and lemon to exfoliate my skin, I put a lot of moisturisers at night. It actually does work more than during the day.

Dabota Lawson showing off her butt
Dabota Lawson showing off her butt

Dabota Lawson also stressed the importance of moisturizing

When you put moisturisers and you sleep with air conditioner or fan, the next day if you touch your skin it looks different. I also use goat milk shower gels. Things like that are what I do on a regular basis to make sure that I am looking bright.

When it comes to my face, I do not really want to go to the spas. I usually buy home spa equipments and try every now and again. But regular face wash, face mask, moisturisers is what I do. I take care of myself from the inside too. I also do not joke with my multivitamins.

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