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Comedian Anne Kansiime Pays Tribute to Uganda’s Future Authors



Ugandan celebrated standup comedian Anne Kansiime last Tuesday 12th December took some time off duty to pay tribute to Uganda’s future authors in Ntinda during a Children’s writers’ workshop.

Forget about the struggles in her love life, comedian Anne Kansiime’s passion for children is endless and really enterprising as she was snipped sharing her writing skills with youngsters as a writer.

The Ntinda Children Writer’s is funded by a certain website dubbed ‘So Many Stories’, a publishing blog run by a one Nyana , a lady with a vision of expanding Uganda’s children’s brains by lecturing them in depth about writing stories worth public consumption.

As a writer, she was involved in an inspirational speech to the children as she shared her skills in writing mention characterization and content management so as to come up with catchy, interesting and sensible stories and play skits.

Her interaction with the young ones was so charismatic and worth sharing in the process of making up more stand up comedians, writers and authors to up the country’s arts industry.

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