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Chris Brown’s BM Tries to Hide Mayweather Support



Last year Chris Brown’s baby mama Nia Guzman announced that boxer Floyd Mayweather was helping her take care of Chris Brown’s daughter Royalty.  Now that Nia is seeking an increase in child support she’s trying to keep that info on the low.
Image result for Chris Brown's BM Tries to Hide floyd Mayweather SupportDuring a recent deposition by Brown’s legal team regarding a possible increase in child support, Nia Guzman said she only makes around $400 per month in income from, an online clothing store inspired by the ex-couple’s 4-year-old daughter.  Guzman said she started the company with a $20,000 gift from a friend, and when Brown’s lawyers asked about the investor, she would only say he was a “silent friend” that helped her start the business. She doubled down about not revealing the identity for the financial friend.
Brown’s legal team pressed until Guzman eventually revealed the backer was none other than Money Mayweather, and that “We’ve been friends for 10+ years.” Guzman says she knows Floyd’s child’s mother too, and that they “all go back many years.” She said the championship boxer “heard about the idea of me wanting to start the company, and he said that he would help with it at no cost.”  Last year Nia boldly posted pictures of Royalty online and tagged Floyd Mayweather but not Chris Brown in the pics.
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