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Buhari’s UK Private Visit: Stop Lying or Remain Silent – Lawyer



Who’s the ‘private person’ President Buhari is always visiting in London? The Nigerian Presidency has been told to remain silent rather than lie to the Nigerians that President Muhammadu Buhari is embarking on a private visit to a foreign land.

The advise is coming from Inibehe Effiong, a legal practitioner based in Abuja.

Early Thursday morning, the presidency told the nation that Mr Buhari will embark on a private visit to the United Kingdom, the European country where he goes for medical treatment and check ups.

The notification is what the lawyer is not finding funny. He argued that the president cannot be embarking on a private visit to a foreign land with public funds.

He also said the office which Buhari occupies is not a private one, advising the presidency to either be truthful or remain silent.

“President Buhari cannot travel on a private visit outside of Nigeria,” Effiong said. “There is nothing private about the office of the president of Nigeria. Buhari cannot claim to be going to the United Kingdom for a private visit with public funds, official aircraft and other public benefits.

“The President’s vacation cannot be a private visit, the Constitution regulates the vacation of the president. It is even ludicrous to suggest that Buhari will visit a foreign country for “a private visit”. It would have probably made a little sense if Buhari is visiting Daura.

“Rather than lie to the public, the President’s handlers should just remain silent. This sickening opacity will not help us,” the lawyer said.

So far, President Buhari has spent over 12 months and 39 days out of Nigeria in less than four years. 
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